Alternate Route Weekly Update

Bajadock: In our weekly post during year four of disussion on an alternative route to circumvent another potential landslide collapse of the Ensenada Scenic Highway(28 Dec 2013 disaster), the Ensenada Chamber of Commerce, CANACINTRA, provides their opinion.  The shorter emergency route(orange route above) is favored over the alternative route(amber route above) because of cost and time involved.

Facing the risk that the Tijuana-Ensenada Scenic Highway will collapse again, it is necessary to build the so-called emergency road, a six-kilometer stretch that would connect the Scenic Highway with the Free Tijuana-Ensenada highway, said Canacintra leader Jorge Cortés Ríos.

He affirmed that although the Federal Government has announced the construction of an alternative highway that would go from Bajamar to El Sauzal, it is a work that would have a cost of two thousand million pesos and that it is not even known when it would end.

We do not oppose the construction of an alternative highway, but building the so-called emergency road would cost a maximum of 240 million pesos and could be done in a few months, emphasized the president of the Ensenada delegation of the National Chamber of Industry The transformation.

SCT skepticism
He added that there is skepticism towards the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, because it has decades in the construction of Ensenada Libramiento and suddenly announces that it would build a new highway of 24 kilometers in a couple of years.
He pointed out that the so-called emergency roadway would allow vehicle traffic to be resolved in the event of a collapse in the fault zone of the Tijuana-Ensenada scenic highway and is a practical and very economical measure compared to what will cost the alternate highway.


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