Ophelia Restaurante


Dined at Ophelia Restaurante for first time this past weekend.  It was a dark, dank and duck friendly Saturday with unusual May rain, so there were only two other tables being served at our 7PM arrival.

Other than the small sign on the highway, the entrance is very quiet, with design work like that of a Japanese garden.  Upon entry at Ophelia, the lighting level was low, staff provided warm welcome and seated us next to the crackling wood burning fireplace.

Server asked if I needed an English menu, as she brought one of each language.  I’m fine with a Spanish menu.  Explained that this was my first visit and the server went through a few of their specialties.  One ingredient that was a new translation for me was “semillas de ajonjoli”(sesame seeds).

This blue fin sashimi platter was fun. I’m always up for blue fin tuna and decided upon this “naked” version vs. a seared entree version available.

Also ordered a “dressed” yellow tail that was seared and served with carrots, zucchini(hidden below the tuna) and arugula.  The mole sauce was a lighter flavor touch than it appears on this approx 8 ounce filet.

We brought our own wine and Ophelia staff was attentive about re-pouring as we sipped.  Failed to check the wine list. One thing noticed was that every single server rotated turns in attending to our 80% completed dishes to ask if we were finished.  I’m usually a slow eater when dining out.  The server attention became comical as we likely took 30 minutes to finish the remaining bites.  Certainly, they were not needing to turn the table for waiting guests on this slow night.  Maybe they were practicing their English on me?

Restaurant staffing is always a challenge when the expected Saturday night crowd is smaller than expected.  Did take note of the full bar service available.

An out back outdoor patio is also available at Ophelia.  50F degrees and drizzles will save my return to this spot for a sunny day.

Food was good, service was exceptional, atmosphere was warm and value was good.   I will return to Ophelia, but, it did not wow me as much as others from online reviews.  Ophelia gets three out of five tuna harpoons, with a nod to return for other menu items.

Ophelia is located at K103 of hwy 1 on north side of Ensenada, west side of road, just south of the 16 story condo landmark, Entremar.  Calimax El Sauzal is across the highway, inland side.

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