Rosarito Ensenada Bicycle Ride 2017

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Bajadock: Having participated in this event in the past, my sympathies are split between the bicyclists and thousands of vehicles inconvenienced from approx Noon until 6PM on two Saturdays every year in Ensenada for the 50 mile Rosarito to Ensenada Bicycle Ride.  The event is usually held in April and September every year.
Saturday afternoon, southbound traffic between the Ens toll booth and downtown was still clogged and moving at sloth’s pace at 5PM, 7 hours after the event started.  Lucky me was headed northbound at that time and traffic in that direction was normal.
I’m questioning how much incremental revenue occurs in Ensenada restaurants, shops and hotels from this event.  Maybe it’s a bigger deal than what I see every year.
The focus of the article below is the additional fees that were attempted to be added to the event organizer.  
Insecurity at the state level and an adverse weather due to cold and rain affected the participation of the 38th edition of the Paseo Ciclista Rosarito-Ensenada, as 50 percent of participants from other editions attended yesterday, according to Guillermo Rodríguez Macouzet.
The organizer and founder declared to El Vigía part of the statistic that reflects less visitors than other editions of the familiar route familiar type.
“Bad: we bring half of Americans.We have a record online always: it is 50 percent.I say it is due to two issues.The first is the climate of insecurity that is being reflected throughout the entire entity of Baja California.
“It’s not the issue of Rosarito, Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada or San Quintín, it’s the state and the Americans are in charge of announcing us as an insecure part. , It’s getting very cold. In the morning it was making a breeze that made people wet, “he said.
Rodriguez Macouzet said that people immediately retired at the end of the ride, which led to low sales of food and drink.
“We normally have between 5 thousand and 6,500 people per ride, and sometimes up to 8 thousand, but I do not think that this time we have not 4 thousand, due to the low tourist sensitivity, the climate,” he said.
In addition to the problems cited, the founder criticized that Rebecca Mungaray Lagarda, Director of Commerce, Spirits and Public Shows of the XXII City Council, tried to charge them with new charges “that streak in the ridiculous.”
He exemplified that by taking the documents for the permit, he was charged 700 pesos just for reviewing; Was followed by a charge of a permit to make the party, even though it already had a pre-existing contract; A permit to close the street that is where cyclists enter and up to 500 pesos for each tent, regardless of whether he had already paid 20 thousand pesos for renting the space to Cearte.
He said that having a bar costs 9 thousand pesos, according to the Income Tax Law, but they wanted to charge him 18 thousand pesos “because he was very big”, according to the justifications that gave him, although this was not raised in the cited law.
“They take it out of their hands, what they see is that an event like these brings thousands of tourists that makes a big spill in the city, there’s the benefit for the city. .
“Last year we paid 9 thousand pesos and this year they wanted us to pay 45 thousand pesos, an increase of 500 percent,” said Rodriguez Macouzet.
The businessman thanked the mediation of the City Council Secretary, Iván Barbosa, as well as Mayor Marco Novelo, to control this situation, because they finally paid only half.
“Next time, if you do not want us, just tell me and I do it the other way round: come out of Ensenada and end up in Rosarito, because Rosarito does not charge us anything. ‘Come here and we will not charge you taxes’, they say and it’s What they want for years that are insisting. I want to Ensenada but Ensenada does not want us, “lamented the founder.
He affirmed that this type of collections jeopardize the next edition, because he would retire because he did not agree to pay “whims of a tax collector” who “interpret the law as he pleases”.
“If I am with a contract with the city of Ensenada, where the city charges me 120 thousand pesos, why do they charge me for everything else?” Before they charged us nothing, they would put a red carpet. They started charging.
“I am not to blame for the fact that the City Council is broken.” The last two municipal presidents (Enrique Pelayo Torres and Gilberto Hirata Chico), with many thousands of millions of pesos, were broken by the City Council, and the city is broken and destroyed. Entrepreneurs, we are not to blame for that, “emphasized Rodríguez Mocouzet.


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