Eagles Sue Tacos Desperados


Bajadock: What is next for the Eagles?   Lawsuits against the hundreds of bars with the name “Tequila Sunrise” should be announced soon.  Eagles, why don’t you come to your senses?  GetOverIt!


Following their lawsuit against Hotel California in Todos Santos in Baja Sur, Mexico earlier this week, the Eagles rock band is now pursuing legal action against Ensenada’s famous Tacos Desperados.

According to Eagles’ business manager and spokesperson Yorbes Wager, the Tacos Desperados taco stand has been using the Eagles’ song “Desperado”, the album of the same name and lyrics to promote their tacos and tortas as being associated with the Eagles.  Trademark infringement is the argument in both the Hotel California and Tacos Desperados legal actions.

Locals and tourists flock to Tacos Desperados for the fresh meat and vegetables in tacos like “Montando Cercas”(Riding Fences), “No Puedes Conseguir”(You Can’t Get) , “El Duro”(Hard One) and “Su Mejor Apuesta”(Your Best Bet).

Su Mejor Apuesta taco is a mix of marinated grilled pork shoulder, crisp bacon, onion and poblano peppers.  When slathered with Tacos Desperados‘ special guacamole, Su Mejor Apuesta will escalate you to heaven.

Tacos Desperados manager, Reyna Corazon, said “My family has been selling tacos well before the Eagles band was formed.”  Tacos Desperados opened in 1969.  “We are just a family running a small taqueria.  Instead of engaging their lawyers, the Eagles should visit Ensenada, try our tacos and write some new songs.”, added Corazon.

Tacos Desperados‘ original location is still open at the corner of Quatro de Mayo and Calle 20, several blocks away from Ensenada’s busy tourist action. They are planning a new stand at 28 de Diciembre and Boulevar Bromas to open later this year.


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  1. Gillian McGregor
    Posted May 5, 2017 at 13:22 | Permalink | Reply

    the eagles must be pretty desperado for money to sue two little businesses who probably provide this has been band with more longevity than it deserves

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