Alternate Route Weekly Announcement

Bajadock: With increased reporting of new cracks in the Ensenada toll road, the new humps and bumps experienced by regular drivers like me and pressure from Ensenada business groups, there seems to be a weekly announcement about “planning” of the  proposed alternate route at Bajamar.  We are on year four of “planning” since this route was first discussed after the landslide collapse of 28 Dec 2013 that closed the highway for more than a year.

Above map taken from 2014 and added my color markings for orientation(map is skewed approx 45 degrees counterclockwise from North).  Somehow, my mind has missed any reporting on the orange “emergency route”, or maybe I’m the confused one ?  The amber route from Bajamar to Rancho Bonito is the Ruta Alterna that is being discussed to death.

See where the Ruta Alterna merges with Libramiento(Ens bypass) at Hwy 3.

And where the heck is the money for all of these projects, along with fixing the moonscape of Hwy 1 in South Ensenada and the rest of the pothole warzone throughout Ensenada?  Fun.

The plan to provide Ensenada with an alternative route to the Tijuana-Ensenada scenic highway, has made significant progress; Working with the negotiations to guarantee the right of way and adjustments were made based on different studies carried out by the UNAM, said Alfonso Padrés Pesqueira.

The director of the SCT Baja California Center indicated that the portfolio of programs and projects belonging to the investment unit of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) is currently in the process of being processed.
He commented that the Cost Benefit Study of the Directorate General for Road Development is under evaluation and was integrated into the SHCP for review.

Regarding the Manifestation of Environmental Impact (MIA), he recalled that he was admitted in November of 2016.

However, he said, the evaluation procedure is currently suspended because additional information was required.
It also specified that the procedure for land use change (Land Use Coefficient) can not be initiated until the MIA procedure and approval is completed.

He recalled that the route Ensenada-Bajamar-Entonque El Sauzal, is planned with a crown width of 22 meters, and an average vehicle capacity of 8 thousand vehicles per day is estimated.

24.6 km stretch
The federal official recalled that the length of the stretch will be 24.6 kilometers with a period of execution of 24 months and an investment of 1 750 million pesos.
Alfonso Padrés said that the project of the work includes drainage works, three junctions (Bajamar, Cuesta del Tigre and Santa Anita).
“In January of 2015 the results of the geotechnical study prepared by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) were received.
As a result, he said, there will be a modification of the horizontal alignment of the length, in two kilometers, and even the necessary adjustments have been made.


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