Scenic Road Landslides Possible

foto por Bajadock
Two years after various sectors were struggling to consolidate an alternate route, after a section of the Scenic Highway had slipped, they said there were “signs of sliding problems in the Salsipuedes area.”
They observed that the “reinforcement” works being carried out by Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe) in this way, show that the risk of new landslides remains latent, as they are evident when passing through that place.
Mario Zepeda Jacobo, president of the Citizens Council, AC, said that although there are no official data, it is estimated that 2 billion pesos have already been invested and it seems that the final technical solution is not yet available.
“If we accumulate the 2.5 billion that SCT estimates of cost for a new highway of quota of approximately 24 kilometers to cover the stretch Bajamar Ensenada, that stretch will cost us 4.5 billion,” he said.
This will have to pay toll fees and increase in the costs of inputs and food.
However, he argued that there is at least one other option to resolve the stretch of failures and prevent damage similar to the collapse of the 2013-2014 quota road.
It is the construction of a section of road “feeder” that communicates both roads, the quota and the free Tijuana-Ensenada.


That is to say a “Route of emergency of 6.4 kilometers, with which avoid critical areas of the highway of quota in the zone of Salsipuedes and of the free highway in the zone of the Mission.
Zepeda Jacobo explained that the “Route of Emergence” joins both roads, the quota at the height of Bajamar with the Free Tijuana-Ensenada highway at kilometers 74, estimated cost is 65 million pesos, if two Lanes or 125 million four lanes.
Faced with the authorities’ lack of resources, Mario Zepeda considered that the SCT has a budget for maintenance of roads or the own ones that the State Government has for road works.
“From there resources can be applied to build this road, which will certainly provide certainty and connectivity to the region,” he said.
He recalled that more than two years ago, on September 22, 2014, the various chambers, business and social organizations of Ensenada made the request for the alternate route.“We joined and signed a document to demand the president of the republic, various officials of the SCT, Capufe the governor of the state and the municipal president, the immediate construction of an alternative route of emergency.”
He emphasized that the objective was to avoid further damage to citizens and the regional economy.
The quota road, he said, was repaired until December 2014, we were practically a year without having this important route of communication for Ensenada and the peninsula.
“It should not be forgotten that when the highway collapsed, traffic flowed to the free Tijuana-Ensenada highway, causing 14 deaths, hundreds of accidents and multi-million dollar losses to all productive activities in the Baja California peninsula,” he lamented .
Zepeda Jacobo considered that such a situation can not be repeated.
“The authorities must be sensitive to the needs of society and anticipate situations totally predictable and preventable, they can no longer plead ignorance, they already know it and, once again, we are remembering it,” he said.

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