Restaurante Tre Galline


Carpaccio, Brunello wine and a panoramic view of the valley begins this fun evening at Restaurante Tre Galline.



Saw this UFO, what is it?  Bread?


Parm cheese wheel. 


Tre Galline valley view


Details matter, when the chef honors your request to share a main course and provides the same detail on the split plate presentations as he would for the full order.  Corvina fish with a savory sauce and veggies.


Made my first visit to Tre Galline in Baja’s Valle de Guadalupe this week.  Made dinner reservation at +52 1 612 119 9718 and confirmed that this was the Tre Galline in the wine valley, not in Todos Santos.  I did not realize that I was speaking to Chef Angel until meeting him later that evening.

Tre Galline earns our cinque galline(5 hens out of 5) award for venue, scenery, service, food and value.  This is a fine example of rustic Baja dining.  Minimal decor and infrastructure yields to the flavors and panoramic views.  I gotta go back and get the pasta dancing in that cheese wheel bowl.


Tre Galline is located on the Porvenir road(parallels Hwy 3) at Vinos Montefiore.  Signs are good and they recently graded their dirt road leading to the restaurant from the paved road.

Photo from  Paolo Paoloni, owner of Villa Montefiori winery, and Angelo Dal Bon, Tre Galline.

Chef Angelo is from Salò Italy, on Lake Garda.  Everyone has stories of successes and failures  and sometimes the backstory opens up the motivation for success.  Chef Angelo gave us 5 minutes on his history, his city and the connection to Benito Mussolino.  Ok, my Spanish was only sufficient to pick up 25% of Angelo’s story.  So I did a bit of reading to understand more:


Wikipedia: From 1943 to 1945 Salò was the de facto capital (seat of government) of Benito Mussolini‘s Nazi-backed puppet state, the Italian Social Republic, also known as the Republic of Salò: Villa Castagna was the seat of the police headquarters, Villa Amedei was the head office of the Ministry of Popular Culture, Villa Simonini (nowadays Hotel Laurin) was the seat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Stefani Agency, which distributed official press releases, was located in Via Brunati.

Following from interview in Journal del Pacifico, 2014:

Angelo Dal Bon is a third-generation chef. His grandmother opened their family restaurant in Northern Italy in 1950. His mother was the second chef in the family, and today his sisters run the restaurant. Angelo studied to be an accountant, but started working in the family restaurant after graduation. He has continued working as a chef to this day. Magda worked with Angelo and his sisters for 10 years, then went on to open her own very successful restaurant.

In 2004, Magda moved her restaurant to a magical location–a 16th century Italian villa on Lake Garda. On November 24th, after being open only 54 days, disaster struck. A 5.3 mb earthquake hit their town and the villa was split in two. It had to be demolished. When Magda recovered from the shock and heartache, she realized that the earthquake had opened a new door in their lives. She decided that they should start over and open a new restaurant in Baja California Sur, where they had enjoyed visiting since 1992.

Angelo and Magda packed up all their restaurant equipment and furniture, and shipped them to Mexico. After exploring several towns in Baja California Sur, they choose Todos Santos, and settled here in 2005. The doors to Tre Galline, their Italian restaurant, opened in February, 2006. They purchased Caffé Todos Santos in October of 2009. Angelo and Magda’s son, Constantio (named for Angelo’s grandmother), now lives in Todos Santos and works with them at both Caffé Todos Santos and Tre Galline.

This past summer(2014), Angelo opened Tre Galline del Vale Guadalupe at the Villa Monte Fiori vineyard, in the wine country outside of Ensenada in Baja California. It is located at km 9.8 on Carretera El Porvenir.

1989    Slow Food Movement Manefesto
2000    The James Beard Foundation


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