Agua Mala Cerveceria

Visited Agua Mala Cerveceria this warm and sunny Friday to get some cool refreshments for friends.

Entry is very industrial as I thought I might need a hard hat and steel toed boots.  The building is made from shipping containers.  But, the stairway to barley and hop heaven leads you to a unique bar that is Agua Mala Tasting Room.

The bar area combines a small bar counter surrounded by tables with an open air setting and view out to the Pacific from this perch.  Outdoor seating is available.  This is your perfect neighborhood bar to bring your buddies or meet new ones.

I have enjoyed Agua Mala beer previously at a few Ensenada restaurants including Deckman’s.  Today’s visit was a quickee with only a six pack sampler beer purchase.  Will need to dive into the food menu on my next visit.

Agua Mala Tasting Room opens 2pm-ish and I think they are closed Mondays.

Signs?  We don’t need no stinkin signs.  Just look for the shipping containers.  Location is Hwy 1 in El Sauzal(north Ensenada), approx 1/4 mile south of the 16 story Entremar condos and just north of Belio restaurant.

646 248 4638       Agua Mala Facebook

The American Pale Ale is my favorite…


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