Thug’s List Ensenada

Bajadock: As Angie’s list provides a listing of service providers, Ensenada now has a Lista de Ladrones(“Thugs/Malandros”) via Facebook.  We know that criminals are often caught then released.  Public servants?  Ai Yai Yai!!!


BC ENSENADA APRIL 2, 2017 (AFN) .- Given the increasing number of stolen vehicles, thefts in commerce and assaults, citizens of this port spread through social networks, photographs and data of alleged thieves to find their whereabouts, Recover their belongings or at least prevent the population.

This is a Facebook group called “Gallery of Malandros Ensenada“, which is about to reach 5 thousand members in just one month. According to its first publication, it was created on 28 February.

The description of the forum says “Welcome to the group, which will expose injustices and make public denunciation against the bad citizen or public servant; It remains this space to make nonconformity, complaints of robberies (in any of its kind).

He also points out that users can freely form a “gallery of mischief” to warn people, be wary of assaults, abuse of authority, corruption, or any act of “bad government” or common citizen.

Due to the implementation of the New Criminal Justice System or Adversarial Accusatory System, which prohibits the media from exposing detainees for crimes, Internet users use the social network to spread the uncensored faces of those who are criminals.

Among the publications are photographs of individuals, captured after citizen assurances or even when they are on board official vehicles. There are also images downloaded from the personal profiles of suspected thugs.

Members of the forum have shared their experiences in becoming victims of illicit acts, they also disseminate photographs of stolen vehicles and their data, they also circulate videotapes of thefts that occurred in commercial establishments or on public roads.

In the same group there are users who promote the execution of citizens against criminals; Likewise exhort the denunciation of those who sell stolen items.


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  1. Eileen Knight
    Posted April 3, 2017 at 08:28 | Permalink | Reply

    Thanks for the information. This comes at a time when we are considering moving to the Punta Banda area around May 1st for 6 months to one year.
    I’ll be anxious to see the comments of the people who are presently living there. Again many thanks
    Eileen Knight

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