Casa Marcelo

by the Lusty Napkin        

Needed a breakfast break this week on north side of centro Ensenada.  Casa Marcelo was our choice. Mentioned to my  breakfast buddy that I can usually predict the quality of the meal by the restaurant’s ambience within a minute of entry.  Ok, street food is an exception.

At 10AM, coffee was fresh and the queso fresco with salsa and guacamole was a new treat to slather on the bread.  A roasted pepper salsa is also a bold flavor enhancer for the morning.

We did fail to ask about the hours of the breakfast menu availability.  General hours for Casa Marcelo are 10A-6P, closed Tuesdays.  Most breakfast shops offer their breakfast until the noon hour.  The wall chalk menu added some fun, but, proper menus are delivered to your table.

This is the signature breakfast dish of the house, the Plato Marcelo, with a nopal salad, queso, a mound of roasted lamb and topped with plump eggs with the firmness of memories of my high school sweetheart.

This is the egg casserole, with fresh veg, a tomatillo salsa verde, chicharrones and chunks of pork topped with those eye popping eggies.  No, Bubba, we aren’t at Stuckey’s today.

Both of these dishes were perfect combinations of fresh ingredients, careful seasoning, light touches on the grill and food porn presentations.

Casa Marcelo opened in 2015, so I am not as late on discovery of this new restaurant star as is normally my case.

Speaking of cases, the cheeses come from the same family that owns the Cava de Marcelo queso farm east of Ensenada in Ojos Negros.

Though Casa Marcelo closes at 6PM, we were happy to see a good local wine selection.  We must get back here for full on dinner feast.

We are awarding Casa Marcelo 4.5 out of 5 egg laying hens for a unique breakfast flavor experience.

Location is Av Riveroll between 7th and 8th.    Facebook page     646 187 3158


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