Ensenada Beaches Still Closed


Although the vacation period with thousands of tourists arrives, the contaminated beaches of the port of Ensenada will remain closed and under observation until the amount of enterococci decreases, authorities of the Ministry of Health said yesterday.

Guillermo Trejo Dozal, head of the state, told the press that they would carry out another monitoring, due to the high levels of bacteria found in the different zones.

“Health is first,” said Trejo Dozal when asked if there would be any pressure to serve tourism.
Dr. Leopoldo Jiménez Sánchez, director of Protection against Health Risks in Baja California, said that during this week they would carry out monitoring due to the proximity to the holiday season.

“We do not want to expose anyone, we have to wait, there’s nothing we can throw or something, the risks are gastroenteritis, otitis, dermatitis and conjunctivitis,” he said.

Jiménez Sánchez recalled that the contaminated points are Conalep 1 and 2, Playa Pacífica and Playa Hermosa, while the others are within norm.

Of the gullies, he said that they can not determine whether the rain has washed away sewage, because it only touches them what happens in sea water and that other authorities seek that source of pollution.

“We have to have 200 enterococci for every 100 milliliters.We have found values ​​up to 15,000 enterococci.We are talking about a contamination a little high.The lowest are 9 thousands.

“In six consecutive days, the last two monitoring have been very high (…) as soon as we have results within the norm, less than 200 enterococos, beaches are going to open, and more that comes a holiday season, Easter , And we do not want an event that is recreational to become a public health problem, “said the director.


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