Ensenada Riviera Remodel


A historic investment will come to what is now the Riviera Cultural Center with the approximate amount of one million dollars, which will be allocated in remodeling work, in addition to the construction of the Parque Lineal to one side of one of the most representative buildings in Ensenada.

With this investment, an important part of the city would be regenerated, which, as an effect, will improve the image of the city center of Ensenada in one of the places preferred by the tourists that visit the city, besides being a location where the best events of the Port are held, such as Beer Fest or wine tasting, events that mark the beginning of the Celebrations of the Harvest.

According to data, the Riviera had not received an investment of such amount for improvement works since 1990.

It is noteworthy that the creation of the Parque Lineal, as well as the Culinary and Artisanal Plaza, which will be on the side of the Ensenada stream, will offer more space for visitors, where they can buy a good souvenir or a nice food plate.

In the same way it will reinforce the lighting and illumination, which will stand out thanks to the improvement of the gardens with new fountains.


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