Lucky Irish Pub 2

                                                                                                                           by the Lusty Napkin         


My first visit to Lucky Irish Pub 2(there are 3 of them) on Av Reforma in Ensenada this Friday.

Have been to L.I.P. #1, but, Numero Dos is located a bit closer to home.  Upon entry, this is a much bigger space than what you see from the street.  Guessing that they can seat 200+ here.

Yep, this was a OGITH(only gringo in the house) emporium, just like I LIKEY!

Local craft beer was represented in approx 14 taps.  Add in the usual popular Mex bottles, international craft beer, an OK wine selection and a variety of hard liquor choices and you have a real bar here, Crazy Guggenheim.  I chose a Wendlandt Pale Ale.

Was also hungry so I checked out the menu.  Sandwiches, burgers, salads, pasta, pizza and wings all looked good on the Lucky Irish Pub 2 menu.  Ordered a grilled chicken salad that was fresh and a large serving.

Only slight downside to Lucky Irish 2 is lack of parking.  They have approx 12 spots on south side lot and maybe 6 in front.  I parked on street 150 yards down the road.  There were only approx 30 drinkers in the bar when I arrived.  Things picked up at 6PM, which was also a shift change.

For the beer variety selection, simple food and festive pub atmosphere, Lucky Irish 2 gets or 4(out of 5) shamrock award.

Lucky Irish Pub 2 opens at 1PM and closes late, as in the wee wee morning hours.  Facebook page.  They are located on Av Reforma, a few miles south of downtown Ensenada.  If you can find the Ford dealer and Smart and Final on south end of ‘Nada town, point your lucky horse shoes in the middle of that block.





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