Ensenada Beer Fest 2017 Review


Thousands of people went to what was the most important beer event in Baja California until now. Last Saturday, the best of the craft beer industry gathered in the city of Ensenada, demonstrating that for the brewers in the region, the industry is living one of its best moments.

The Beer Fest is the Disneyland of beer lovers; The attractions were the 120 breweries between regional and national that were present, same that showed new connoisseurs what’s really important about craft beer.

People from all over Baja and other parts of the country came to the Beer Fest Ensenada.

This Beer Fest is the only event that has options for everyone, from finding the favorite beers that are in the Tap Rooms of the state, to the opportunity of discovering secrets of not so popular breweries; this without forgetting that in the event there were other breweries from Mexico with great name recognition and prizes to their name.

Le Brú de Michoacán participated for the second time in the festival, bringing their award-winning beers in bottles like this one, with extracts of blue corn.

This edition not only had the best of the industry, but this time the food also was part of the highlight, another virtue of the state, where the best exponents presented the best dishes to accompany them with beers.

Fun and diversity did not end there, as the afternoon passed different musical groups made attendees dance in three different stages designed for all musical tastes.

Three stages were settled this time, so the dance did not stop.People kept arriving as the event progressed, many were waiting in the early hours for the opportunity to have access as the last tickets sold out.

Many breweries took the opportunity to present novelties, such as Agua Mala, which had an edition of its “Hierba Santa,” an endemic plant of Ensenada.

Without doubt the organization of the Beer Fest of Ensenada has a challenge for its 2018 edition as it seems that the space is getting small for the thousands of people who attended this year, and not only that, but to maintain the union between local brewers and the harmony among brewery houses.

Thousands enjoyed the Beer Fest Ensenada this Saturday Photo: Chema Gónzalez


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    Using such large pictures makes your site very slow to load and unviewable. You can use m/s “Paint” to resize your photos (reduce to 20% ?).

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