Bus Burns on Scenic Road

Headed northbound on Scenic Road(highway 1) Sunday morning and smoke horizon greeted me, just north of El Mirador(K84). My photo is just before 9AM.

Delay was approx 40 minutes.

This is my weak shot, passing by.  Shadow and mirror clues.  I’m not skilled at phone photography with one hand.

Here is the crunchy skeleton of the former bus, 15 hours later during my southbound trip.  I suspected the carcass would reamain roadside.  Towing this would be a “bus of cards”.  Likely need to dismantle it.

Saw plenty of passengers safely watching the smoke from approx 100 yds north.  Seems all were okay, as no ambulances were present.  Capufe(highway team) and a couple of bomberos were present.

Thinking it was good that the problem did not occur in the 1 lane zone of Salsipuedes.

Listened to The Zombies to pass the time waiting.  “She’s Not There.”

Only other remarkable report was the Sunday evening(6:30PM) backup north and south at the Ensenada toll booth.  My wait was 10 minutes southbound.  Guessing that the beer fiesta crowd was mostly responsible for the northbound delay.


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