Cerveceria Transpeninsular

  by the Lusty Napkin

Baja seems to be adding a new beer brewery just about every 3 months.  Visited Cerveceria Transpeninsular for St Paddy’s Day.

I rarely go out for Paddy’s day as it is one of five “rookies’ nights out” holidays. Valentine’s/Paddy’s/4th of July/Halloween/NYE provide plenty of danger and bad dining values. But, I have been monkish at home since first of year and needed to get out and disturb the peace.

Transpeninsular(“T.P. is 8 fewer syllables than the whole thing) is located on north side of downtown ‘Nada, just south of Hotel Coral.  For us South ‘Nada Cerveza Cabezas, there is a U/left turn available on northbound Hwy 1 at the brewery.  Parking is easy, with plenty of backup space for exit onto busy Hwy 1.  They opened in January 2017.

The Transpeninsular is spacious with a two story ceiling and warehouse styling.  Plenty of natural light is available by day and the lighting at night is also comfy enough to read your menu(geezer alert!).  I arrived at my favorite beverage time: dusk.  Noise level is low for easy conversation.

My meet and greet was excellent with a youthful and enthusiastic staff.  Yep, I was at the bar, but, 3 different servers were regularly checking on me.  See my spot?

The “T.P.” bar seats approx 20 and it seemed that the rest of the hall, including upper level balcony, seats a total of approx 100.  It appears that they are targeting serious beer drinkers and not the usual mob 0f 2 for 1 Bud Light happy hour zombirazzis.

I enjoyed a Pilsner and an IPA for my quality pint quaffs.  Also ordered the slider triple play of beef, chicken and pork with a heap of gnarly papas fritas.  Warm, delicious and the slaw crunch on the pork loin was a fun surprise.

The T.P. food menu offers a simple variety of bar chow made to enhance your sipping.  I always add a bonus rating when everything on the menu is less than $10USD.*  Also love a printed beer menu, plus complete description and alcohol %.   They also have a few guest brews in addition to their own.   Transpeninsular speaks gringo, as the opposite side of menu I am holding is ingles.

Need an overpriced meat dish on a big white plate of swirls, sprinkles and swooshies?  You’ll have to move on down the road for your thirty dollar entree.  T.P. is not a foodie paradise.  It is a brewery with pub comfort food.

Had plenty of fries hanging with me after finishing the sliders.  Decided to order the Roganto Piccolo red wine for my dessert.  This cab, temp, cab franc, merlot “mut” was way above my expectation.  It seems that it was only a few years ago that wine writers would dismiss blending as blasphemy against the wine goddesses. A quality $4USD glass of wine is a rare find.

I’m giving Transpeninsular the complete 6 Beer Flight Award(out of possible 5* for atmosphere, food, bar stools, seats <100, several item less than $10USD).

Open 7 days a week, noon – midnight.   646 175 2620 phone.    facebook  Slainte! and see you soon T.P.


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