Ensenada Beer Fest

More than 120 breweries throughout the country, as well as more than 100 styles of artisan drink, which are already a reference in Baja California, will be part of what can be enjoyed in the seventh Edition of the Festival Beer Fest Ensenada.

Paco Talamante Frías, organizer of the event, mentioned that the purpose of the event is to promote and promote the Beer Fest Ensenada beer culture, to be held on March 18 in the gardens of the Riviera Cultural Center.

He explained that on 15, 16 and 17 March there will be presentations by invited speakers, experts in the subject, as well as local gastronomy, music and malt-based beverage competition.

Growing Industry

The artisan beer producer also highlighted the growth of artisanal beer in Baja California, a state he said is spearheading all over Mexico, behind Nuevo León, Jalisco, Colima and Mexico City, he said.

“Generating brewing culture is the idea of ​​the festival, that the people of BC knew that there are brewers, now we have a variety of tasting rooms, regulations, laws and people are following the movement,” he said.

He referred to the beginnings of the festival that in its first edition counted on the participation of 27 “amateur” brewers, all from Baja California, today said they are 120 from all over the country including Hermosillo, Guadalajara, Monterrey, San José del Cabo, Texcoco and Mexico City.

“The authorities turn us to see (the brewers) for the economic spill, we bring: Tourism, work, 140 direct jobs to Ensenada and reactivate the industry in other branches of the economic chain,” he reported.

Improve quality

The owner of Cannería Cervecería also spoke about the quality of the product, he said “We competed directly with the San Diego beers, at the beginning was to try to imitate them, now it is to compete with them, we are on par”.

Finally, Paco Talamante noted that the Beer Fest Cove is one of the largest in the country but the only one that has been preserved independently, dates in which an economic spill of 9 million pesos and 100% hotel occupancy is estimated.

In the press conference were present the organizers Paco Talamante Frías and Hector Ferreira Ramírez: José Eduardo Arce, president of the Brewers Association, and Marco Padilla, representing the delegate of the Ministry of Tourism in the state Héctor Rosas Rodea.

In numbers:
120 brewers
100 beer styles
40 judges in the competition
25 gastronomy stands
100% hotel occupancy
100% independent festival
9mdp is estimated the economic spill
6 thousand attendees / Staff included (approximately)



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