Scenic Road Faults

Bajadock: My Thursday 9 March tour of the Scenic Road observed the odd plastic rumble strips at k95 both southbound and northbound.  Why? There are plenty of workers and construction equipment throughout the Salsipuedes area.  Reduction to one lane is from k91 – k87.

One other surprise is the rumble pavement strip on hwy1, northbound, at the new and under construction toll booth at Popotla/Blvd2000.  The road has been moved so that the rumbles, formerly a border warning for the right lane, now wake you up as they pass through the middle of the road.

And watch the potholes, as you exit the Ensenada toll booth southbound.  Crunch.  Ouch.

The corrective and preventive works that are executed in different points of the Highway Tijuana-Ensenada, at the height of the Bay of Salsipuedes, will have a cost in excess of one billion pesos.

The work, some with advances of more than 45 percent, will conclude in 2018, according to data provided by the delegate of Roads and Federal Bridges (Capufe), Rosa María Castañeda Guadiana.

The federal official recalled that eight faults were located along 13 kilometers where, since 2014, constant studies and monitoring are done, especially after the landslide in 2013, at kilometer 93.

He explained that the studies that are carried out are geophysics, geology, and topography, mainly, as well as special tests of monitoring.

Likewise, he said, alternative solutions are executed based on the studies carried out.
Castañeda Guadiana reported that the monitoring is done on a monthly basis, or according to the needs that are presented by conditions.

The delegate of Capufe explained that there is knowledge of the vertical and horizontal movements that come to register.

For this, there are 125 control points, 33 piezometers and 16 observation tubes to measure the water and the pressure of the same.

He detailed that in areas of fault, such as kilometers 88-89, works were determined as berms, pedraplén and drainage gallery.

The works, which will conclude in August of this year, will cost 180 million pesos.

Regarding kilometer 95-96, he mentioned that there are works of stacks, stabilizing trenches, berms, and drainage gallery.

The works, whose investment will amount to 280 million pesos, show an increase of 10 percent, and will conclude in September 2018.

The works in kilometer 90 will be berms and pedraplén; The advance is 26 percent; Will conclude in October 2017 and will require resources for 180 million pesos.

At kilometer 94, work was considered piles, stabilizing trenches, berms, drainage gallery.
250 million pesos will be invested, and will conclude in March 2018; The advance is 10 percent.

Fault zone
95 to 96
93 + 500



  1. Aaron Reich
    Posted March 10, 2017 at 07:49 | Permalink | Reply

    Northbound just prior to the Ens / San Miguel toll booth there is a huge hidden pothole under the bridge that cost me a new tire this week due to a sidewall bulge :-/

  2. wn8ghz
    Posted March 10, 2017 at 09:28 | Permalink | Reply

    Better to just wait until the next huge earthquake and let nature demolish the existing road and stabilize the roadbed. It’s nature’s way……

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