Pemex Fair Pump Map

Bajadock: seems like one of these Pemex evaluations/apps is published every few months.  Problem is that so few Pemex gasoline stations are evaluated.  But, I’m a fan of the power of social networking bringing sunshine to business and government issues.   Public Service Announcement:

Want to know whether your favorite PEMEX station is delivering the amount of gasoline or LP you are paying for? …  Check out this map …. e.g.  zoom in ~keeping Merida in the center of the page ~ to see the status of your favorite PEMEX franchise.

Specifically Check the color of dot for your favorite stations:  Passed (Green), Refused to participate (Yellow), Failed (Red) , or Not Participated (purple) … in simple testing to check whether the Litros of Gasoline (or kg of propane) displayed by the station pumps match the actual amounts delivered.
AMARILLO: se negaron
MORADO: no los han verificado
ROJO: los sancionaron
VERDE: pasaron

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