Mexican Electric Rates Rise

Bajadock: Gasoline, electricity, water, propane, dollar and inflation are all on the rise in Baja California.  Who is going to pay for the wall?

As of March 1, the industrial, commercial and domestic tariffs of high consumption suffered a second increase so far this year.
The Domestic High Consumer Rate (DAC) registered an increase of 8 percent compared to February while the commercial sector has increased between 8 and 12.1 percent, while the industrial rate increased between 13.3 and 17.2 percent compared to the month Past due to increases in fuels used to generate electricity.
This means that, at annual variation, industrialists will pay this month up to 92.2 percent more than in March 2016; For DAC users and merchants will be 37.7 and 60.4 percent higher charges, respectively.
Tariffs for low-consumption home users, which represent 35.8 million customers, will remain unchanged throughout the year.
The price of the natural gas that CFE uses in its thermoelectric plants rose 92 percent in February 2017 compared to the same month of 2016, which impacted on the Fuel Cost Index applicable in March, which is used in the Formula determined by the Treasury to calculate electricity rates.
In February of this year industrial tariffs increased between 6.4 percent and 8.4 percent, and the domestic high consumption rate increased by 3.8 percent.
Adding to these increases -Feb and March 2017-, industrial tariffs have increased by more than 19.7 percent in just two months – with the lowest percentages in both months – and the highest percentages would be 25.6 percent.
The commercials increased – considering the lowest percentages of those months – by 14.4% and in relation to the highest increases of the two months by 20.4%.
Meanwhile, in the high-consumption domestic tariffs, the sum of what goes into 2017 shows a global of 11.8 percent.


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