Feb 24 Hwy1 Pothole Report

I’m a monthly San Diego shopper, though I live 2 hours south in Ensenada.  Hunted down some needed household items on Thursday, Feb 24.  Bath and bed upgrades plus new hiking shoes and sharp cheddar cheese were my big thrills.

Here is my February 24 Hwy 1 pothole report, and a few more reasons not to drive at night, unless you like surprises:


Right lane at Tijuana south crossing, just before bridge taking you west to Hwy1/TJ Playas, has a big chunk of concrete missing.  This is approx 100m past the Tijuana secondary inspection station.  This bache(pothole) has been around for a few months.  Good news was that southbound border trafic wait took only approx 10 minutes at 3PM Friday.

Most of TJ-Ens hwy1 is easy going and no drama.  Even the rumble warning bumps in right lane at El Mirador, k84, just before descending into the dangerous Salsipuedes curves have been worn down to the nubs.


The Salsipuedes payment “waves”are still present, although the constant repavement provides a smooth tire path.  The inland lanes have been shut down so traffic is merged to one lane in each direction for a couple of miles.


Noticed new crumbling and big hole under the UABC bridge, just before the Ensenada welcome fountain.  Wow, this one caught me by surprise.  OUCH.


Estancia blvd to Reforma…WOW…last 1/4 mile west was closed due to Carnaval, but the entire stretch east and west from Costero/Playa Hermosa to Hwy1/Reforma is a mess of craters.  fyi, Estancia is landmarked by Ocean’s Restaurant and Mariscos Barbajan on Costero.  It is the inland turn I use most often to get from Costero back to Hwy1, aka Av Reforma.


Special note goes to the family of caves in the pavement at the Pemex on Estancia/Reforma corner.  This fun spot has been a pain for a few years.  They always bandage it, but it comes back to life after big rains.


Costco/Comercial Mex entries are painful due to pavement failure.  Yep, despite the whirlwind day in San Diego, I usually grab my fruit and veggies at Comercial Mex on the way home.  The fourway spot of Costco vs. Comex and the street can be a traffic jam.  Now that the moguls are deep, adventure shopping ensues.

Did score some good avocados at Comex.  My perfect aguacates(avocados) are firm and 3-5 days away from serving squishyness.


Here is an oasis among baches(potholes).  A case of Pacifico ballenas(940ml) is only 276mnp.  That works out to approx 42 cents per 12 ounce beer at Dockerty’s Pub.  I often travel north with an empty case of Pacificos in order to exchange them on my southbound trip home.  I occasionally get a fun “what are the empty bottles for?” at San Ysidro border crossing.

Notice the peso slightly strengthening vs. dollar past week?


Truck Depot intersection of Hwy 1 south of Baja Country Club has a huge hole and have seen accidents at this spot.  Southbound left lane, just past the intersection where the truck is raised up on the platform, is the hole, where an AMC Gremlin could hide.  Yesterday, there was a metal plate covering the spot.


All of Tramo de Muerto, the southbound stretch of Hwy 1 on north side of Maneadero is terrifying.  Wow that area is bad and getting worse each week due to heavy traffic. They have rehabbed and repaved much of the stretch from Baja Country Club north.  But BCC SOUTH?  Ugh.  Of course, part of the thrill is watching traffic weave around the holes at 60mph.

What is your favorite Highway 1 pothole for 2017???



  1. Mimi
    Posted February 25, 2017 at 08:19 | Permalink | Reply

    I hear you on the sharp chedder cheese! Thanks for such a detailed narrative, will help me avoid the potholes going to SD for my cheese run. Update on the Costco/ Commercial road: potholes were filled with sand but still bumpy.

  2. Gabriel Ben-Or
    Posted February 25, 2017 at 12:08 | Permalink | Reply

    Thanks for this report. The bache by the truck-in-the-air bit us one night and ruined a tire.

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