446 Marriages in Ensenada Feb 14

To reinforce values and give legal certainty to couples, especially those who live in free union and / or who have children in common, the Municipal Government undertook a campaign that culminated yesterday with the marriage union of 466 couples.

During the ceremony of the Collective Marriages, held in the framework of the Day of Love and Friendship, Mayor Marco Antonio Osuna Osuna called on the contractors to fight with dedication and humility to strengthen the family nucleus.

Although conjugal life presents challenges, he said, loving, giving and forgiving are keys that together with communication and respect are fundamental for marriage to last.

“From today they change the word I for the us and my word for ours, I wish you all a happy and full life, full of love and respect, that your families stay together even in adversity,” he said.

Marco Novelo stressed that happiness in marriage has to be built with a lot of faith, attitude and perseverance, because he emphasized that true happiness is not in material possessions but in the heart and in the decisions they make together.

The president of DIF Ensenada, Mirna Ibarra de Novelo congratulated the couples who took advantage of the Campaign of Collective Marriages promoted by the paramunicipal in coordination with the Civil Registry.

Transcendental decision
He affirmed that the decision to marry is the most important in the life of the human being, since from this are derived others of great relevance such as having children and consolidating a family.

“Marriage is not for a year or while a person is good, it is a decision for a lifetime and although it is not an easy path if they have a common goal they will achieve it,” he said.

The head of the Civil Registry Office 01, Monica Ivania Osuna Diaz added that in total 466 couples joined their lives, of which 361 reside in the urban area and 105 in the municipal delegations.

Ivania Osuna expressed that there is strong evidence that love is no age, is that in this first edition of Collective Marriages of the XXII City Council, formalized their relationship Ricardo Domínguez Pontó 79 years and Nora Rábago Ceballos 55, who became the Older couple benefiting from the campaign.

In the absence of legal impediments, the municipal president, Marco Antonio Novelo Osuna, made the official declaration as husband and wife of those present; Followed by the traditional toast and the raffle of various gifts gathered with the support of volunteers and local businesses.

Older couple
Ricardo Domínguez Ponted 79 years
Nora Rábago Ceballos 55 years old

Young couple
Héctor Javier Estrada Vázquez 18 years old
Gabriela Higuera García 18 years old

First couple benefited from the campaign
José Cervantes Arias
María del Pilar Barroso Torres

foto por Uniradio Ensenada


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