17 Ensenada Restaurants


1. The Guerrerense



Sabina Bandera and food stall “The Guerrerense” deserve a special place in heaven culinary delights. And if it sounds like exaggeration, it is not . No matter toast you ask, or how to prepare fresh clams you get, it will never be enough and always want tocome back for more.

To get there , follow the map .

2. Finca Altozano



This place has it all: delicious and local wines, a memorable meal menu (do not go without asking grilled octopus) and a really spectacular view. After lunch, she asks for a glass of wine and get on one of the giant barracks to enjoy a moment you will never forget.

To get there , follow the map .

3. Punta Morro



The food is delicious, but the view … more. This place is inside the hotel that bears the same name, so no lost when eating and drinking well is all about.

To get there , follow the map .

4. Deckman’s in Mogor



Rotisseries, wood, straw and relaxed atmosphere will make you feel in an elegant farmhouse. Do not miss the octopus, the short rib and even vegetables from the garden, even the simplest here will blow your brain. All while enjoying an unparalleled view.

To get there , follow the map .

5. Sano’s Steak House



If you want a good cut accompanied by an excellent wine Guadalupe Valley, look no further, here you’re going to be very, very happy. Of course, it believes it is not cheap, but they say that the price is worth all the trouble.

To get there , follow the map .

6. Muelle 3



What you crave more? A clam chowder, fresh ceviche, a pasta with seafood or octopus with corn smut? Well, not really matter, because here you will eat delicious no matter what you ask. If seafood is your thing, you’ll love this.

To get there , follow the map .

7. Birrieria La Guadalajara



Birria lovers, make a stand! Legend has it that this is the tastiest of all Ensenada rubbish, and who are we not to believe in the story? Now you have to see for yourself.

To get there , follow the map .

8. Mariscos El Guero



If you are unsure, you do not have to choose because here you can ask a toast of “everything” and go that are well served. You can not say you went to Ensenada without knowing this delightfully traditional place.

To get there , follow the map .

9. Tacos Marco Antonio



A crab taco and one enchilada Nomás shrimp pa ‘start. Then you can take a burrito or a pie crushes marlin. Actually, no matter what you ask, here you are leaving happy and satisfied.

To get there , follow the map .

10. Mariscos Bahia de Ensenada



A classic Ensenada … Caldos, ceviches, steaks, cocktails, lobster, tacos and tostadas well served and accompanied by a party atmosphere like no other. A couple of beers and be ready to enjoy one of the best meals of your life.

To get there , follow the map .

11. Tacos El Fenix



Close your eyes and imagine that you are giving a bribe to a crunchy taco shrimp, seasoned to your taste with a Picosita sauce and a little lemon. Now open them, throw yourself to Ensenada, eat one of these so that your life will not be the same again.

To get there , follow the map .

12. Belio Restaurant



Ocean view, everything tastes better. And if it’s a marlin quesadillas coal, because not speak. This place is an expert on sea and land merge to achieve a result that will make you salivate.

To get there , follow the map .

13. Mantou Gastropub



Newly remodeled and the wait was worth it. You can order from the menu or just get straight to the tasting not to leave any dish without tasting. If not, ask the Mantou molcajete blue fin or grilled octopus on hummus … No lost.

To get there , follow the map .

14. La Conchería



Oysters on the half shell, tuna sashimi, seafood pasta and a wine and beer that will leave you groggy but happy. This place is a jewel of seafood and is ready to discover.

To get there , follow the map .

15. Boules



Simple food with fresh ingredients, that’s the promise. But beware, do not let the word “simple” make you think that is something less than exquisite. Ask any of the risottos and dessert with fresh fruit (all locally grown), you will not regret.

To get there , follow the map .

16. Maristaco  Japones



Not all seafood in Ensenada. The gastronomic offer will satisfy your cravings Maristaco Japanese food for long. The soups are delicious, scrumptious udon and rolls, favorites. Yes, go ahead and not so hungry because here are taken as the slow food seriously.

To get there , follow the map .

17. Tacos La Avioneta



Marlin tostadas have no mother. The dishes are seasoned as only they know how and Lower prices are not going to leave bankruptcy. There are sauces and dressings varied so that you customize your dishes as you like.

To get there , follow the map .


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