Oakland Raiders to San Diego?

Bajadock: transcription of on-air letter read by San Diego AM1090’s Scott Kaplan, February 7, 2017.  The letter is supposedly from a prominent San Diego area business person to Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis about a new multi sport stadium plan in San Diego to accommodate the Raiders move to San Diego.

“This is blank blank. And I have owned these businesses in San Diego. I have a partner who says his name and he along with some political leadership of San Diego have asked me to invite you. To America’s finest city. Next week. We are prepared to offer the Raiders a new 70000 seat stadium requiring no vote as private funds from our group would replace the former City portion. Remember when. City the county and San Diego State said they’d put up $350 million. What this gentleman is saying is that they will put up the money so my boys and you bring the Raiders with their money that they were going to spend in Las Vegas. Five hundred million. You use the NFL money which is a million or hundred million. Of free money to build a stadium in San Diego or Oakland. You use there 950 or they’re 350 that you get up to 950 and all of a sudden you’re building a real stadium. This gentleman goes on to say this San Diego State Major League Soccer and the NFL would continue to participate and our private funds would assure the completion the Raiders will become the primary tenant with a very attractive long term lease.”

The stadium would electronically collapse into a 40000 seat configuration for San Diego State and 30000 for MLS surrounding the stadium will be a new convention center slash sports arena slash entertainment center and a river park. We have arranged for new signage and upgrades in the current stadium while the new stadium is being built adjacent to Qualcomm.  Mark, you will be enriched in San Diego and I have a plan where the Raiders will become the team of over 7 million people in the San Diego Baja California region. I am aware the majority of franchises are against the Raiders moving to Vegas. This offer will grow the value of the Raiders and secure league wide approval. Spanos was a horrible owner. You can be a savior to the city where your dad started. San Diego here’s my cell call me. Let’s schedule a meeting in San Diego next week. Thank you Mark. Sincerely.

Post Script from Kaplan: “I thought the letter was very inspiring. I thought the letter should have made Mark Davis say OK you got my ears. No public vote. $350 billion of private money. The money I was planning on bringing to Vegas San Diego can’t get anything done in Oakland Vegas thing looks like it’s blown up. Let’s have a conversation. Why not. What does Mark Davis have to lose. These are real players real guys real guys who by the way put in their message Spanos was a terrible owner. In other words we would never have done this with him.”



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