Ensenada Latitude and Longitude



I’m a fan of maps and directions.  For some of my east coast friends that have not yet visited my home in Ensenada, they are surprised at how far north and east I’m located. My Florida buds always thought I was in the Miami range for longitude.

Ensenada is within a few miles latitude(North/South) of Savannah, Georgia.  Nada town is also within spitting distance of Boise’s longitude(East/West).

One of my surprises moving here 10 years ago was that sunsets are approximately an hour earlier than my previous life in Denver, Colorado.  Ensenada is Pacific Time Zone.  But, we are so far east, that we are geographically in the Mountain Time Zone.  The USA west coast darts toward the east from Northern California.  Though I’m on the coast, my longitude is more than 300 miles east of San Francisco.

Water sports fans are also surprised on their first visits to Southern California and Baja.  Thinking that the water is going to be the same temps as Southern Florida will cause you some major shrinkage, boyz.  Get your wetsuit on!

A fun world tour is to find out what cities are near your same parallel/latitude.  MapFrappe.com is a fun tool that lets you draw lat/long lines around the globe.


Marrakesh, Jerusalem, Kandahar and Shanghai share the same blue line latitude with me.  Gets me in a travel planning mood.


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