Super Sunday Boycott USA


Thousands of Mexicans who regularly cross into the United States to buy longer used the weekend the two border crossings in Tijuana after a boycott was promoted from social networks.

Although no official figures of motorists and pedestrians who crossed the border on Sunday through the San Ysidro and Otay were provided, it was notably absent from thousands of them.

Both watchtowers allow international crossing from Tijuana, the most populous city of Baja California.

Particularly the vacuum warned during the seven hours that were determined for the boycott, which social networking was promoted with the tag # UnasHorasporMéxico.

Added to that, he held a march against increases in gasoline prices and the privatization of water in Tijuana who arrived to the crossing of San Ysidro, so that US authorities closed a few hours step.

Thus, the San Ysidro border was largely deserted on Sunday, while the Otay no more than 30 vehicles were registered queuing to cross the neighboring country.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Tijuana, Gilberto Leyva Camacho, told EFE that are not yet aware of the magnitude of the impact of the boycott in stores in Southern California.

He added that what did show Tijuanenses is that “when it comes to being united, the public responds,” and said it is important to demonstrate to the US market “that we are not their enemies but allies, and we both need them us as we need them. ”

He also stressed that there is a trade of many millions of dollars from side to side of the border.

According to official information, in the San Ysidro border crossing it is estimated that more than 30 million vehicles cross annually, and about 20 thousand people walk every day.

Camacho Leyva hoped the boycott “will serve as a lesson” to some Americans “who treat us as second”.

He asked that both countries are “in the same circumstances” and warned that if the US government continues to threaten Donald Trump with “obstructing or attacking us, we will go for more.”

In this regard, he said that there are proposals not buy American origin malls like Walmart or not eating the famous cola “Made in USA”.

Mexico and the United States are in a tense moment in bilateral relations by the aggressive tone with the Latin American nation’s new president, Donald Trump, which aims to toughen immigration control, build a wall along the border to pay the Mexicans and renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.



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