Refrigerator Repair Wars


Hello, I am Doc’s frig.  I have not been feeling well.  Decided to go through a painful 12 step rehab program

My refrigerator, a scratch/dent Kitchen Aid of of bodacious cooling capacity became ill in December.  It had served me well since 2015 purchase and was a huge upgrade from my 2006 model purchase.

Had used a local frig repair shop for a previous model and was not satisfied with the service.  On to another shop, that I will call “A”.  “A” showed up later that same day and diagnosed the problem as likely a bad compressor.  Estimate was approx $250USD.  But, he had another tech available and would come out next day to check it out.

“A” showed up with 2 guys.  The “expert B” fussed, added one part near a valve, added freon and let me know all was good and expect freezing in 24 hours.  $75USD was the charge for the 2 calls.  Had ice for approx 3 days and left for an east coast Christmas trip on 12/24.

Upon return from Christmas vaca, frig was no longer cooling.  Who to call?  “A” for warranty work or should I simply move on to a more qualified repair tech.  Slow learning me called “A”.  He showed up next day, could not figger it out and gave up.

Looked through our local online resource for frig repair.  Called tech “C”, who was busy with other work and not available.  Called “D”, who said he would get back to me.  zzzzz.

Kept searching and talking with friends about what to do.  Apparently there are two major factors for selecting local home service providers.  1. The “lady of the house” likes him   2. He speaks English.  ?  Finding any review/referral on professionalism regarding estimate, parts availability, cash flow contract, cleanliness, promptness and other business basics were mostly non-existent.  Perhaps because our area is 45 minutes away from the city center, we hillbillies are left to beg for whatever service we can scrounge.  Or maybe this a part of Mex boycotting USA?  hah.

Back to my frig.  Decided to head down to Los Globos segunda appliance shop “El Primo” where I have purchased all of my appliances and ask for service help.  My Spanglish is sufficient, but, always better face to face than on phone.  Maria, the El Primo owner, got her tech on phone, handed phone to me and I explained the problem.  I brought a map of directions for my house and got a day and time of guesstimated arrival.

Major rain and wind storms delayed arrival.  Had to call El Primo and “Que tal?”.  New date and time.  zzzzz.


Off goes my frig in El Primo’s service truck

When the tech arrived, he asked me for details of the symptoms again.  He did something that all of the other techs never did.  He opened a compartment for the interior coils in the upper frig section and told me I needed a new one.  I asked how much time and how much money.  “Two or three days and 4,000-6,000MNP($200-$300USD)”.  VAMONOS!!!

Every other tech did the proctologist maneuver on my frig.  Back/bottom end was opened, futzed with it and diagnosis/fix was no bueno.  Felt like I was in a Chevy Chase “Fletch” scene with “It’s all ball bearings!”.

El Primo tech was only guy who went to the ventral view and coil suspicion fix.


On the second business day after pickup, the boys delivered, showed me the new coil, replaced all of the drawers and shelves and I had my frig back in biznez. Where were these guys 6 weeks ago?  4,500mnp, approx $220USD.

El Primo, Maria, 646-177-3177.  El Primo sells and services major appliances.

Oh, yes, we are on day 3 and frig is working.  I have ice, ice, baby!  Must have been the anti freeze?



  1. first99
    Posted February 2, 2017 at 07:49 | Permalink | Reply

    It takes a ‘strong’ Gringo person to live in Mexico!

  2. first99
    Posted February 2, 2017 at 07:50 | Permalink | Reply

    Or a heck of a lot of vino.

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