Miss Pothole 2017 Contest

They invite “Miss Bache 2017”

by AFN Tijuana.
In order to attract attention and accurately detect the large number of damaged roads in the port of Ensenada, a “No Beauty Contest” was created, entitled “Miss Bache 2017”, in the city of Ensenada. That citizens are invited to share photographs of the worst bumps they detect in the locality.

The initiative is the members of the company “Dudes Co”, who pushed the page “Many Bumps” (http://www.muchosbaches.com/), with more than 10 years of combined experience in website development and mobile apps.

The web application was created to serve as a tool for the community and, in general terms, to improve the city; Dudes Co ensures that it does not sympathize with any political party or government, as well as not generating economic gains with the application and are interested in collaborating with citizens.

Surprise awards

About the contest, the organizers indicated that it was launched on social networks https://www.facebook.com/MuchosBaches/ to invite people to share their photos by means of an “inbox” in which they will have to indicate the location .

The image will be published in an album and those who have more “Like” will receive surprises.

“The three photos that have the most likes on our album will be surprise winners, they can be photos of the biggest bump, the deepest, creative or funny photos, you can also name it with a name.

Valid likes will be from the photos posted on our album. The winners will be announced on February 10th. The surprise prizes will be announced soon, the public announcement said.



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