Contenedor Cosmico Restaurant


Visited the “Container Kitchen”, Contenedor Cosmico, for the first time this week.  The metal shipping container atmosphere is softened by a fun indoor and outdoor garden.


Two levels of dining are available.  I decided to head upstairs and check out the view.

Ordered coffee and a grilled chicken burrito.  Menu was simple with approx 20 items for lunch.  Love that and am always suspicious of larger volumes of food choices.


The wrap was made from garbanzo beans.  That and the chicken salad innards demonstrated delicious flavors and textures.  These are the best fries I have had in Baja.  The chefs here show care and artistry beyond the usual iffy food or tacos of this area.

Wifi speed was quick and service was prompt and friendly.  Wait staff is bilingual.  Most of the clientele this afternoon were locals with only a handful of gringos attending.


Apparently, outdoor seating and eating is available in the garden.  Animals are abundant.


There are cloud and other formations on the ceiling in the funky interior.  Thanks for the humor CC.


For a first time diner, I’ll give the “Container” 4 out of 5 wooden cutting boards.  Yes, beer and wine are served along with many coffee concoctions and cocktails.


Located at K1 of Carretera La Bufadora, Contenedor Facebook Page.  646-947-2322



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