Corona Makes America Great Again

Why pretending to make a big America is already, that is the message that Corona sends to the new president of the United States ,Donald Trump , in its most recent publicity campaign .

The world -renowned Mexican beer merchants question the main slogan of Trump’s presidential campaign in his new commercial, months after issuing a message against the wall he intends to build on the Mexican border .

During the election campaign of the new president, Corona made a commercialstarring Mexican actor Diego Luna to send a message about breaking down walls, instead of building more.

After the campaign ” desfronterízate “, now Mexican beer has launched a commercial titled ” Let’s Make America Great Again ?” To answer that Americais already big and a land full of opportunities .

In less than a minute and a half he speaks of the goodness of our continent , of the virtues of the Latin American community , of our culture and asks to stop “using our name to generate divisions.”

In a unifying message, he emphasizes that we are all Americans and that our continent has always been great. Thus, they end up showing the proposal of a new shield for the American territory.


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