Recycling Appliances

Bajadock: recycling may not be what it seems.  I have found this suspicious “green” behavior on both sides of the border.  I am not a warrior for the environment.  But, my conservative personal behaviors are usually more friendly to the planet than many who cloak themselves in environmental vestments and titles.

A fire on the Emerald extension in Colonia Morelos. It provoked Wednesday a huge cloud of toxic smoke, consumed polyurethane that covered hundreds of discarded refrigerators that were dismantled in allegedly unauthorized premises.

The fire according to the first data collected at the scene, was allegedly caused by a person burning copper or metal within the site located a few meters from the area known as La Pedrera or concrete block in the canyon of El Gallo . Fire Captain and Battalion Chief Edgardo Salinas said the initial report referred a residential fire in Colonia Morelos and the first to arrive were fire personnel Valle Dorado who to see the extent of the fire requested support from more extinguidoras and Personal Protection civil to evacuate nearby homes.

According to Civil Protection, to avoid risks, mainly by toxic smoke, were evacuated eleven houses, six of the top of the property where the fire was generated five around the site, and three houses that were inside the premises were burnt.

The fire showed that those who occupied, piled up on the same site, waste refrigerators for recycling, allegedly to extract the metal, which had caused the eye that hundreds of regfrigeradores dismantled all types and sizes accumulate invading even part of the Street. The arrival of a backhoe, the operator, Regino González, had to move hundreds of refrigerators dismantled so firefighters could continue the combat became necessary to control the fire, separating the area and torched the beginning to not burn . This operation was highly risky because from a height of about one floor fell into the street coolers of all sizes, some of them still burning. off almost five hours after the start.

On­site staff of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, indicated that they would review who was responsible for the property to determine the sanctions to be applied. It is unknown if this place had a land use permit to operate or Town Hall was a clandestine dump. According to police personnel were assisted in place a person who said he was intoxicated with smoke but was under influences of drugs, also a person who is presumed was site manager of refrigerators for their stopped at the site security to ignore and try to return to combat only the fire had already reached a significant height.


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