Yellow Truck Crashes Police Story

Bajadock: The mangled translation captures the essence of revenge by the son of a woman gravely injured by police during the Rosarito Pemex demonstration.  Violence reports throughout Baja have been minimal.  Don’t know how much longer authorities are going to allow the Chaparral Border inspection/taxation shutdown planned throughout this week.

gente de la Tia Juana

The death of his Mother by federal assault, the reason of the driver of the Del Valle Refacciones car to throw the uniformed. Federals drag protesters blocking PEMEX’s facilities in #Rosarito, including the Mother of the subject who ran over the uniformed.

Minutes before this subject took his vehicle from Del Valle Parts to run over the uniformed, he was in the demonstration with his mother, a lady of the elderly. As part of the demonstration, many citizens sat on the pavement to block the passage, when the riot fighters decide to break this blockade by dragging the protesters off the street.

That was the moment in which the mother of the driver of the Del Valle Vehicle was sitting on the pavement, this one being of her age. The riot corps pushed her the same as the others, suffering this one serious fall and cerebral death due to the blow. It was this critical moment that violated all the demonstrators who, when they saw the serious lady of health, began to throw stones against the police corps.

At the same time, his son, ran to the vehicle and it was when he decided to throw himself against the police forces that, without knowing at the time, had caused his mother’s brain death due to the onslaught against demonstrators civilians.

Likewise, our tax president published a tweet saying, “Those responsible for this unreasonable aggression will respond to the law.” The question is, does the president refer to the aggression that caused the death of an elderly lady or speaks of the aggression of the driver of Del Valle Refacciones? # Clarification This subject’s mother passed away today, not at the moment. Due to the blows obtained during this eviction, she was transferred to the hospital where she died due to brain death. More information is being collected which we will upload tomorrow.


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