Scenic Road Construction Continues


foto por Bajadock

At least 51 works are carried out randomly along the Ensenada­Tijuana highway at Salsipuedes with a huge investment reaching 500 thousand million pesos taxes.

Since collapsed section 93 + 500 of the highway in 2013, the “emerging” work continues. Information provided by the delegate of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT), Alfonso Padrés Pesqueira, states that there are five construction companies engaged in the area.

He clarified that this road is not resposabilidad SCT as it is concessioned to Capufe, however, it meets the obligation to monitor the roads around Baja California.

Movements in the scenic area are constantly warned the researcher in the area of Seismology Division of Earth at the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada (Cicese), Luis Mendoza Garcilazo.

Although Cicese is aware there is a company that performs measurements along the road, have asked to show through the information Capufe also sharing it with researchers from the institution without which so far have response to the request.

“We have more than 30 years studying the area from the center,” Mendoza annexed way to express the experience they have on the subject of the stage.

At kilometer 90, the closest to the city, the construction “Esma” is developing causeways. While in that same stretch, the construction “Makro” is now contract for another filter gallery and gateways.

The construction “Zinzanja” he was awarded kilometer 88 + 000 is running a work for technical emergency stabilization work “drainage gallery”.

The construction “Colorado del Norte” it was the 95 + 000 and 96 + 000, ie, the stabilizing cells, stabilizing trenches, drainage ditches, stabilizer well, Ranney wells and injections embankment. In these same two kilometers “Gluyas Constructions” is responsible but to make batteries and stabilizing trenches. All works include reconfiguring the highway.

KM Construction Works

88+ and 89+ Gallery drainage / access “Zinzanja”

88+ Pedraplen / berm / enrocamiento “Makro”

90+ Bermas / Pedraplen / reconfigurar “Esma”

90+ Filter Gallery / access “Makro” Gallery

94+ drain “Colorado del Norte”

95+ Batteries / stabilizer trenches “Gluyas”



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