Otay Sentri Pedestrian Map

Our staff of cartographers produced this map in 2013 to assist Otay Mesa border northbound crossers.  The complete entry with detailed photos at locations 1-8 is available here.

I’m reposting due to Baja holiday visitor inquiries about easiest way for a Sentri card holder to handle their NON-Sentri guests getting back north to USA with least amount of hassle/delay.


Halfway between the Sentri entry(#7 in above map) and the Otay Mesa crossing is a taxi stop.  Drop your passengers WITH 1 bag(keeps their crossing hassle free) just before you wind around the PED LINE entry.  It is approx 200 yds from that drop to the Ped crossing building.


Here is the blimp view of your pedestrian drop at Otay.


After your Ped crossers get through the building after crossing, it is another 200 yds to the small car queue(approx 5 vehicle spots). Photo above shows that short walk north of the border.  You can also hang at Erik’s Deli, a few yards east of that point and meet your passengers there.

The Siempre Viva Rd exit is 1/4 mile after you drive through border crossing.  McD is your iconic landmark on the southeast corner of that exit.

After 10AM, I have rarely seen more than approx 20 minute passage for pedestrians through the Otay Ped Xing.


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  1. Bob
    Posted December 19, 2016 at 07:18 | Permalink | Reply

    Gracias. This is great information. Thanks.

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