Highway 1 Closure

Bajadock: Southbound lanes on Highway 1/Costero Blvd, 1K north of downtown Ensenada,  were blocked off last night.  My posse and I happened to be northbound here and saw the big crane attempting to get rid of the wreck at 6PM Saturday.  Traffic was being stopped southbound at UABC/Hotel Coral and diverted through the 10th/9th street truck route to get into downtown and south.  

Those in the know used the Chapultepec Hill maneuver to access downtown.  

Interesting that the accident occurred near midnight Friday.  Nearly 24 hours to clear the wreck???

“El Mosquito”, the nickname for the wreck area, is the #1 spot for accidents in all of Ensenada due to the tight curves and traffic hammering through at 70mph changing lanes.  Take it EZ through this dangerous spot.

Downtown Ensenada was hopping last night and traffic throughout was bumper on bumpees.



On the verge of arriving at the Ensenada port area, a tractor truck overturned at the height of the El Mosquito curve, caused by a roadway slope when the operator carried out maneuvers, was dumped early yesterday morning.

Information released by the Municipal Public Security Bureau (DSPM), indicates that at 22:05 hours reported through the Control Center, Command, Communication and Computer (C-4), had triggered a rollover in access Main to the port, at the height of the boulevard Fernando Consag.

Traffic Officials showed up at the place where they observed a Freightliner brand unit, model 1995, black color, without registering an injured, so they proceeded to make the corresponding expertise.

They deduced that moments before the crew made reverse maneuvers at the port entrance to the west, because the vehicle carried cargo that exceeded the dimensions. At the junction formed by the boulevard Fernando Consag and due to an unevenness of the road, the cargo was tilted to its right side.

Due to the above, the chassis was turned over on the same side until it hit the container against a concrete wall, in order to cause material damages.  The heavy unit was made available to the Integral Port Administration (API).


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  1. […] throughout the day was backed up all the way to the Ensenada toll booth for southbounders.  A similar event closed Hwy 1  in a spot just south of Coral Hotel in December 2016.  Thankful that noone was hurt and that […]

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