Ensenada Top Ten Bars

Bajadock: Three bars that I favor, but not included in following article, are Wendlandt(foto above during one of my visits), Cerveceria Agua Mala and Punta Morro(technically P.M. is not a traditional bar/pub, BUT, has THEBEST spot for a beverage and view of sunset on the ocean).  Have added links to the bars in this article.  Click on the bar’s title. And all are mapped on the Ensenada Interactive Map, click on map below listings.


As for bars, we always think of the group of Papas & Beer, Hussong’s, Pueblo Antiguo and La Villa, but outside of there, which are the best and most visited ?, according to what we witness and what the Statistics we threw, we give you the 10 best options:

Ultramarino Oyster Bar

You can not miss the shots of oysters and good live music, you can try the Wong Ton of marlin, or if you are, a good jar of artisan or barrel, while dancing with Takon Machine, I do not know, think about it. ..

Lucky Irish Pub

Whether in the Center or in Valle Dorado, in addition to a good beer, enjoy the wings, potatoes and cheese or the entry you like. This is a must see for many, so much, that they are already going to the third branch.

Lucky Irish 2
Lucky Irish 3

Ryerson 51

One of the most crowded places of the Center Zone of our city, located at the nal de la Primera and Ryerson, enjoys an excellent atmosphere, very busy, but excellent.

Pits Racing Bar

Well known for its wings and beer in medium or jar, is a good place to talk and live after work.

La Sabina

Located to the south of the city, it offers you between beers and domestic and imported drinks, but you should not miss any of its excellent cocktails of the house.

El Patio Bar

On the first between Blancarte and Alvarado is this bar that for more than 20 years offers good amibiente and an extensive menu in drinks and snacks.

El Pato

A good place to enjoy versatile live music and any national and imported drinks you want.

Las Micheladas

Although it is a new place in our city, this chain of bars has been very successful simply in Tijuana, Mexicali and Rosarito, reason why it gives us good sign to go to listen music of banda and norteño.

La Ferreteria

Another place where you can listen to banda and norteño music live and with the Dj you can enjoy and dance of different genres of music, its decoration makes you feel that you are really in a hardware store and you do not know if to buy a beer or tool ….

Red lion

A place whose owners give the concept of “After office”, where they invite us to take a jar, pintaditos or drinks prepared after work creating a relaxed atmosphere and with good music, the bad thing is that it always fills up early.



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