Corn or Flour Tortillas?

Bajadock: My guess is that you are splitting cilantro stems on finding these distinctions between corn/flour tortillas without much of a difference in getting rid of the 10 pounds(cough…make that 20!) of sludge around your waist.

The major problem that I have seen with severe diets is the “URGE to SPLURGE” response.  Some diet plans that have proven results provide a CHEAT/SPLURGE day to feed those lusty food impulses.

The number of “I lost 5 pounds last week” fake dieters I have heard in my life would fill the Ohio State Buckeyes football stadium.  Different time of weighing, water weight and other factors can lead to a quick 5 pound difference. Get rid of that scale.  It is not your friend!

But, to actually lose 5 pounds of FAT, you would need to exercise the equivalent of running 175 miles that week:

       3,500cals per pound of fat/100cals per mile = 35 miles per pound of fat.  

                                        Multiply by 5 pounds = 175 miles 

Back down to reality, no regular exercise(unless you can dedicate a couple of hours to intense exercise per day) can outperform a bad diet.  

What to do?

Lettuce or cabbage make for the perfect low carb wrap.  Bacon and avocado are 2 perfect flavor enhancers.

THESE DIPS are a yummelicious way to add veggies like celery, broccoli(my fav) and cucumbers to your munch fix

Dessert?  Here is a good list.  Personal favorite is a whey protein shake, easy on the fruit portion, +ice to thicken

NUTS are a low carb sub for the other junk.  Almonds are my favorite.  Low/no salt moderates overserving.

REAL FOOD is your best choice, not the stuff in packages labled with 20+ ingredients.

Cheers to your healthy and sexy December and 2017.

Bajadock, certified nut



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