Ensenada Seat Belt Inspection

Bajadock: The new administration of Ensenada is demonstrating its priorities, as seen here on Costero Blvd. at the beach.


Ensenada, BC – To contribute to the safety of locals and visitors, the Public Security Municipal (DSPM) will hold filters review the vehicles traveling in areas of increased traffic influx of urban and metropolitan of our town .

The head of the DSPM, Emilio Camarena Castillo, reported that these preventive filters will be in charge Municipal Transit, which began last Thursday and will be to make mobile filters where they tell drivers the importance of using seat belts and as the risk they take when driving using cell phone.

He noted that it is intended that the upcoming holiday season concluded with white balance and Ensenada remains a safe city, which is the objective of the XXII City Council directed the mayor, Marco Antonio Novelo Osuna.

He stressed that the most common causes of traffic facts are not keeping proper distance between vehicles, invade lane, high disk do not give way to vehicle preference, and to a lesser amount- speeding and driving drunk state.


The Municipal Public Safety Director recalled that the recommendations for drivers are:

  • Seat belt use for adults and special chairs for children.
  • Do not carry open alcoholic beverages in vehicles.
  • If you drink alcohol, do so within events.
  • Bring a designated driver.
  • Do not drive tired.
  • Do not use communication devices if you are driving



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