Ensenada Top Ten Restaurants



Seizing we are touching on the top 10, now we present the 10 best and most renowned restaurants in Ensenada, reminding them that Ensenada has been recognized worldwide for its cuisine and is one of the few cities in the world and the first in Mexico to be recognized as Creative City of gastronomy by UNESCO in 2015.


Corazon de Tierra

Located in the Ejido El Porvenir is a restaurant that surprises you every day, as their menu changes daily according to the harvest of his own garden and local producers who supply their ingredients.


Punta Morro

With an incredible ocean view, almost under the windows, it is a place that besides is very quiet and elegant with excellent dishes, ideal for a romantic evening. On weekends breakfast buffet features.



Founded in 2000 by Benito and Solange chefs, who are recognized nationally and internationally for its television programs, this place offers a nice mix of Mexican and seafood cuisine with a Mediterranean flair.



Also located in Valle de Guadalupe, it offers a rustic atmosphere whose menu honors the regional cuisine of Baja California and whose ingredients are products of their own orchard, farm and vineyard.


El Rey Sol

Opened in 1947, it is the oldest Resaurante our city French cuisine, and one of the oldest in the country ma, which has an extensive menu sky sea and land. This place also stands out for its fine French pastries.


Sano´s Steak House

This restaurant meat cuts located at the entrance of the city, is an excellent place to eat in the evenings or dinner, is ideal for group dinners.


Finca Altozano

Specializes in kitchen with regional ingredients, Chef Javier Plascencia also owns the Gourmet Mission 19 in Tijuana, you will enjoy different roasts, ceviche, tacos grilled firewood, etc.


Deckman’s in Mogor

Located in San Antonio de las Minas, it is a rustic outdoor restaurant where they offer a handmade menu being unique.



The only restaurant that offers eclectic cuisine in the city, in a rustic and quiet environment within the city. Owner and chef Omar Armas, has worked in different countries to bring the concept of mix of cultures in our city gastronomy.


La Esquina de los Caprichos

The home of the best burger in Ensenada, also offers various dishes like its traditional soup Tortillas, the Chuletón Tomahawk and Fish Carving among others also the place invites you to stay remontándote the past, as it is located in the area of distillation of the old Bodegas de Santo Tomas.


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