Turkey Spinach Enchiladas


                          by Staff Food Editor, Cali Cucaracha  calicucaracha

My turkey week was a busy one with wine and song.  The women were smart enough to abandon me.  Hey, ladies, with my good looks, humor and cooking skills, I can’t have it all.

But, I can have my own turkey, shown here.  Cooked this 25lb bird in a cooking bag for 4 hours at 350 Friday night.  My test for turkey readiness is the ease of pulling off the leg.  Got it right again.

I did enjoy a proper turkey dinner on 24 Nov including salad, broccoli, spuds and a terrific dressing stuffed Portobello.  Thanks to friends S&P for that taste fest.  Avoided the razzleberry jam.

But, the best part of Thanksgiving is the carcass cremains and endless recipe possibilities of peasant food enjoyment. So, 88.1%(that’s for Denver KADX FM jazz fans and my friend TGT) of the time, I cook my own selfish bird for leftover passion first week of December.


Here is my baking pan of the turkey ooze percolating with fresh thyme, rosemary and oregano.  Flour, Kitchen Bouquet, celery and onion were also added to the pool this time.

I saved most of this batch for future ideas, but, put aside approx 1 quart as a base for my chili verde.

Yep, I short-cutted the chili roasting, peeling and all.  Herdez makes a fine batch of jarred chili verde, so I shamelessly added Herdez green juice to my turkey drippage.  Guessing I was about half and half on chili verde/turkey gravy goop mix.

Added shredded turkey white, dark, mezclado meat plus Monte Jack cheese, cilantro and “Hold On, I’m CUMIN”(that’s comino spice) into the tortillas.  Spinach leaves are an easy add and they love spooning with the turkey while baking.

Black beans are always a good mix for me with chicken and turkey.  Somehow, I resisted that delightful temptation this time.  Did not need spinach jealousy.

Pour your green gravy sludge over the birds in their blankets before oven insertion.

Baked the batch of enchiladas for approx 20 minutes, then added black olives, cilantro, avocados, toms and crema as serving garniche.

Hey, Doc, wheretheheck are the portion measurements for all of this stuff?  Well, I don’t measure in between the tablespoons and lined beakers.  Dollops, sprinkles, smearings and handfuls are my guides.  Taste, smell and touch move my recipes.

Wine snobs will insist upon NZ Sauvignon Blanc or Italian Pinot Grigio as a pairing for you and your hot date, Topo Gigio.

But, I simply hauled out a grenache blend from the Valle de Guadalupe.  Did not swirl it, did not sip it, did not spit.  Just drank it from a juice glass.  Of course, this was after a few lagers to have my palate adjusted to the proper attitude.


So ladies, if you’re feeling cold and lonely, call me. I’m your winter weather wizard warmer para sobras sensuales.


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