Mexico Third Most Dangerous Country

Mexico, the third most dangerous country in the world

General information
by SDPNoticias.
AFNTijuana  MEXICO CITY, DECEMBER 2, 2016 (SDP NEWS) .- A study by the consultant specialized in risk assessment Verisk Maplecroft, which took into account a universe of 198 nations, placed Mexico as the third country where There is more possibility of suffering a violent crime, due to the presence of drug cartels and the weakness of their institutions.

Mexico was ranked only below Afghanistan and Guatemala, and above some of the most convulsed countries in the world as Iraq and Syria.

In addition, the consultant concluded that Latin America is the most dangerous zone in the world, because in this area are located 6 of the only 13 countries considered as “extreme risk.”

These nations are, from number 1 to 13:

1.- Afghanistan
2.- Guatemala
3.- Mexico
4.- Iraq
5.- Syria
6.- Honduras
7.- Venezuela
8.- El Salvador
9.- Somalia
10.- Pakistan
11.- Libya
12.- Colombia
13.- Nigeria

The Risks of Latin America

On Latin America, the agency points out that “the presence of drug cartels has created some of the highest levels of violent crime around the world as a result of struggles over territory and transportation routes”

“In addition, these groups are increasingly involved in crimes such as robbery, extortion and kidnapping, raising security costs and limiting the competitiveness” of political actors in the region.

In the particular case of Mexico, Verisc Maplecroft estimates that the violence cost $ 134 billion, just last year.

“The initial advances in security issues achieved by the Peña Nieto administration have faded and homicide rates are returning to worrying levels,” the company points out, adding that “with the budget cuts faced by security forces, Expects a widespread deterioration in the country’s security, leaving investors exposed to risks such as extortion, robbery and even kidnapping. “


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