Toll Road Increase


Bajadock: apologies for technical difficulties with my site this week.  Doc’s “drivel” was unavailable as my team of geeks fought battle with an invader with intent do to harm.  Looking forward to more taco, cerveza and vino experiences share soon here.

I was surprised yesterday/Wednesday with the toll increase at Ens toll both from 31 pesos to 34.  It is up to 32mnp at Ros and TJ toll stops from 31.  That is a whopping 8 pesos for a round trip to San Diego.  Gadzooks, that’s about a half of 1 taco on our cerveza and taco exchange rate post last month.

This is the first toll road increase since 2012.

Here are the toll rates from 2009, thanks to Baja Bound Insurance:

  • Playas de Tijuana – $26 Pesos (appx US $2.00)
  • Rosarito – $26 Pesos (appx US $2.00)
  • Ensenada – $29 Pesos (appx US $2.20)
  • Tijuana to Tecate – $75 Pesos (appx US$5.75)
  • Tecate to Mexicali – $150 Pesos (appx US $11.50 and a total of 4 toll booths)


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