Mattress Update

The Perfect Cloud giant burrito, just before unwrapping

After 2 months sleeping on my new Perfect Cloud mattress, I am very happy and have an update.

The Perfect Cloud is one of dozens of fairly new foam mattress choices and you can see most of them reviewed here:

Subjectively, my former waterbed was a 6-7 out of 10 in firmness.  Ths new “Cloud” was a 9 in firmness comparison.  I liked the new feel, but, was not quite accustomed to it.  Upon a little reading, a breatheable mattress topper, not more foam, is an option to slightly soften a mattress.

Just installed this mattress topper.  After a week, have improved my sleep and comfort.  It hit exactly the right balance between firm support and comfort wanted.  Ahhhh.

One thing about all of these new mattresses, like Casper, Leesa and Tuft&Needle that I compared.  The 100 day sleep guarantee can be problematic if you no likey and need to return.   See that 144 lb king size burrito in top photo?  It doubles in volume with a couple of hours of unwrapping.  That’s a whole lotta toothpaste to cram back in the tube and figger out a way to repackage and ship back to the manufacturer.

Sweet Dreams!


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