Baja 1000 Ensenada 2016

A “friend of mine” braved Costero Blvd Thursday morning and evening to drive through the gauntlet of fans, SUVs, vehicles and traffic that are the Baja 1000.  Strongly encourage those wanting to get through Ensenada with minimal hassle this week to use the 9th/10th street bypass.

Morning drive was approx 5 minute delay.  Evening drive was a 15 minute delay due to increased traffic and pedestrian crossings.


“Area Ecologica” ironic photo of the day


Approx 1/2 mile of Costero Blvd downtown Ensenada has the inland 3 lanes blocked off in front of the Riviera Hotel. 2 lanes southbound and 1 lane northbound are squeezed into the 3 lanes in the coastal side.

This is the scene on the other side of the “Area Ecologica” sign

See more photos, videos and live updates from bajasafari blogspot

In Mexico, it ain’t a real sport without proper support teams or cheerleaders. There are reports that collateral businesses are booming this week.


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