Godzilla Loose in Ensenada

Godzilla was last seen at his hangout “Eco Park”, just north of Baja Country Club

 Bajadock: The monster, through his business manager, communicated that he was retaliating against the rumored Disney theme park , Score Off-Road Museum and the ultimate boondoggle, the Snail Museum .
 All show/no go facades still do not address Ensenada’s infrastructure and image(see this morning’s El Vigia article on trash, crime and prostitution on First Street…photo right).
Just one month after the rehabilitation of the San Carlos stream was finished, in the Maneadero delegation, one of the sculptures made almost completely with used tires, installed there for family entertainment, was stolen in broad daylight.
Jorge Antonio Soto Rodríguez, the creator of the pieces, said that the theft of the iguana-like work was recorded moments after he left the site between 13:00 and 15:00 hours last Saturday.
To commit the robbery, at least two people had to participate with a pick-up vehicle, due to the size and weight of the characteristic figure, which represented a potential attraction for the passers-by in that area.
As a result, agents of the Municipal Police integrated a report, while the owner of the Ecological Group San Carlos, will go before the corresponding authorities to denounce the unfortunate event.
The members of the group called on those responsible to return the sculpture to the place, as well as citizens in general to report it to line 911 should they have seen or have any information about it.
It should be remembered that this project has an interpretative trail of free access, made with the support of the Federal Temporary Employment Program, through the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT).
 The theft of the iguana-shaped play was recorded between 13:00 and 15:00 hours last Saturday
Godzilla’s business manager said that there was no update on the rumored Anthony’s Gorilla vs. Godzilla fight for the near future.

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