Taco and Cerveza Observacion

Tacos al Pastor are my favorite and above video provides you a fun recipe for Do It Yourself T.A.P. if you can’t make it to Baja.

by staff Financial Analyst, Maynard G. Krebbs maynardgkrebbs

With this week’s big drop in the Mexican peso value, you gringos just got a gift for your next Baja visit.  I’ll call this the Taco and Cerveza Observacion(TACO) economy.  Observe studiously my friends!

Our T.A.C.O. economic study unit is one beer and 2 tacos.  Yes, we are aware that some of our high energy students may guzzle 2 or 3 of these “units” in one setting.  But, we will stick with the 1 beer+2 taco standard for our analysis.


Typical beef, pork or chicken taco runs 13-18 pesos.  Included are the yummy veggies and salsas at the best taco shops.  We will use a 15 m.n.p. per taco standard.

A six pack of most Mexican lagers runs approx 75mnp.  Divide by 6 and we arrive at 15 mnp per bottle of suds.

Keep up with me here, grasshopper!  No chapulines allowed here:  2 tacos = 30 ; 1 beer = 15 brings us to 45 pesos per T.A.C.O. unit.

45    x   .048(Nov 12 exchange rate) = $2.16USD for an excellent lunch, dinner, breakfast.

Just 5 years ago, those 45 pesos x .083 = $3.73USD.

In related news, my Pacifico Ballenas, at 276mnp for 12 x 940ml bottles now work out to $.42USD per 12 ounces.  Ties an all time low during my decade in Baja.  WOOHOO.  Thanks for simple pleasures.


Sure, there are many other economic and social impacts during these stormy days in Mexico.  But, what better way to ponder your troubles and fortunes than enjoying a beautiful Baja setting in the mountains, valleys and beaches with some friends for $2.16 US in 2016?

Please share your “studies” with us, including the flavors, people and fun on your adventures.

Cheers, Bajadock.


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  1. Aaron Reich
    Posted November 12, 2016 at 09:34 | Permalink | Reply

    Love it dude! I’ve been using the BATES method for years (although I didnt refer to it as that) lol

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