San Diego Passport Ease


Update Report:  My passport was in my maibox 18 days after application, WHOOP WHOOP!!!  Per below info, if I were traveling abroad with a few weeks, I would have used an expediting service.  But, not having solidified my next trip across one of the ponds, the quoted 3-4 weeks was fine for me.  TWO+1/2 weeks was better.  Your mileage may vary.  THAN YOU Chula Vista Otay Ranch Library.

Mentioned the loss of my passport last week and what a pain the process of application can be.  Several post offices that used to do the passport thing no longer do it.

The 800# provided gives you a “Please leave a message and we’ll call you back”. GRRRRR.

Somehow while searching, I found the Chula Vista Otay Ranch library and their passport services.  This ain’t your typical Department of Motor Vehicles experience with sad clerks that hate every minute of their paper shuffling existence.  There were 3 smiling ladies available with smiles, care and charm.

You can call and arrange an appointment at (619) 397-5740 or just walk in.  On this past Thursday, during my visit between 1 and 2PM, there were approx 6 passport customers.

The Chula Vista Otay Ranch library is located in the Otay Ranch Mall.  Yuck, I dislike malls.  They are arranged so that pinpointing your destination is problematic.  Instead you get to wander around for hours searching.  “Yeah, I was just going to get a passport at the library, but, I spent $5,000 on clothing and accessories that I don’t need along the way.”.   hah.  Correction, it is not a “mall”.  It is Otay Ranch Town Center.  Surprised it is not spelled centre.


The library is located inside the Food Pavilion on the north side of the mall.  To the west of the outdoor garden and fountains outside the food court is the library “Hub”, which is the passport service location.  Hours are 11-4 Monday and Friday, 1-6 Tue, Wed, Thu(those hours are slightly different than the library hours).

Received a warm greeting and the “lost passport” and “passport application” forms.  I really suck at filling out forms.  Saw the x_________________ line and signed it.  Ooops, it clearly has a “do not write below this line” and “only sign this form in the presence of…”.  So I got to fill out another form as my deserved punishment.

They have a photo service there.  Checks only accepted for the entire passport process and it was $100 to Dept of State and $40($15 process, $25 photo) to City of Chula Vista. Need two forms of I.D., including one proof of U.S. citizenship.  I planned on bringing my birth certificate, but, forgot that.  Lucky me, my Sentri border pass worked for my #2 I.D. type.

After completing the application(10 minutes), it took about 5 minutes to finish the deal.  Decided to wait the 4-6 weeks(social media indicates only 2-3 weeks) rather than pay a fee for 2 week expediting($60) of the new passport.  You do receive website info to track your application process.


This spot outside the Hub is a nice setting to relax, read, wifi or watch the kids play in the fountains.  Though wifi was a bit slow during my visit, will remember this spot for a future break.


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