Baja Culinary Fest Oct 27-30

To offer a tribute to the Mexican tradition of Day of the Dead, within the activities of Baja Culinary Fest 2016 which will take place from Thursday 27 to Sunday 30 October , it will be held for the first time Dinner Mil Sabores in the forecourt of Cecut, with more than 30 exhibitors of food, wine, beer, tequila, mezcal and participation of the Papantla Flyers.

The Director General of Baja Culinary Fest 2016, Maribel Moreno announced that the ticket people will have access to 20 modules food and 10 modules of different drinks, as well as the performance of the Opera Ambulante and the entire program cultural.

“People come and buy your ticket, walks through the stands to try the food, there will be tables where you can sit or high tables where you can stand, talking and drinking a glass of wine; then it is informal, may stand talking, go try on one side to the other and taste all the dishes , “ he said.

The Baja Culinary Fest will start on Thursday 27 with a culinary competition at the Culinary Art School , with the participation of around 50 chefs from different parts of the state in savory cuisine and sweet, the same that will start at 8 am and awards to 12 noon.

In addition , some workshops at the same venue will be developed, as is the butchery, where attendees will learn how to make an Argentine court in meat, having a beef carcass to appreciate the difference in cuts between Argentina and Mexico, this part of Argentine Hernan Griccini .

Subsequently, the same Thursday night will be held two dinners where guests and chefs involved kitchens, one of the dinners will be in green and cream and one in House Plasencia .

On Friday 28 they will be offered from 9 am various conferences and workshops on the esplanade of Cecut, starting with a first talk of coffee from the Coffee Master I weigh, Alberto Song ;followed by various activities until 5 pm.

In the evening of the same day, he said Maribel Moreno, there will be dinner from 7 pm at other restaurants and the opening dinner will take place on the esplanade of Cecut called Dinner Mil Sabores.

* Statement of the Government of Baja California

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