Tunnel of the Month


TIJUANA BC 24 OCTOBER 2016 (AFN) .- were seized about 2 tons 371 kilograms of marijuana in the tunnel discovered in recent day at Otay Mesa and was in operation, both in Mexico and the United States, as confirmed by the authorities . Similarly, the passage was closed and remained as evidence of the offense.

Elements of the AIC, with the support of experts from the same institution located narcotics and a “narcotúnel” in that property, with a depth of 7 meters, 563 meters long, 1.15 meters high and 90 centimeters wide; plus it had rails, lighting and ventilation.

According to reports sent by agencies such as the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) and agents of the State Preventive Police (PEP), the latter two instances made the shelter of a building on the Boulevard Cuauhtemoc Norte number 12906 in the Airport colony Otay Mesa delegation in this city.

“Information was held in the premises with company name ‘The Hielera Airport’ several packages of marijuana were and apparently the existence of a tunnel. Upon learning the Mexican Army personnel and agents of the State Police informed the ministry officials, who requested the execution of a technical order of investigation, “he said.

The raid took place on October 23, according to the report, he heard the PGR, when the Federal Public Ministry, head of the Agency XIV Researcher in Tijuana, with personnel from the Federal Ministerial Police carried out the technical investigation order rotated from the court.

More than half a kilometer from passageway

The result was, it was reported the discovery of a tunnel whose dimensions are 2.05 centimeters by 2.05 centimeters input, a length of about 563 meters, crossing the Mexican side with departure to US territory and with depth of about 7 meters.

The tunnel is about 1.15 meters high by 90 centimeters wide, floor and walls with wooden supports, and metal structures mounted on the floor (rails); within which 371 rectangular packages packed with tan tape containing a green and dry herb with the characteristics of the drug known as marijuana, with an approximate total weight of 371 kilograms 2,000 were found, said the report.


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