Champagne Showers

by Bajadock

Who the heck decided that it was a good idea for athletes to take a winemaker’s delicious sparkling bubbles of hard labor and spray them around like feral cats marking their territory?

I suppose that multi million dollar incomes make the $40+USD bottles a minor expense.  But, have some respect for the time, energy, care, science and art put into the soil to glass process.

Maybe spraying a bottle of Coke or Dr Pepper doesn’t have the same cache as Veuve Cliquot.

According to writer and photographer Beverley Byer, there are a few people who claim they were the first to celebrate with a Champagne shower.

1967 24 Hours of Le Mans champion Dan Gurney claims he deserves credit for starting the tradition. After he won the auto race, overwhelmed with excitement, he sprayed himself and everyone around him with Champagne. An article published on All American Racersquotes Gurney, who states that was so thrilled, he felt an urge to shake a bottle of Moët that was given to him after winning.

At least the stupid Gatorade shower is only wasting colored sugar water.

My past experience with champagne and sparkling wines has been limited to a couple of glasses per year for celebrating something fun.  My first experience with Veuve Cliquot was during a limo ride with my family on the way to the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs celebrating a couple of family birthdays.  It was quite a fun party.

Thanks to friends new and old, I have begun an appreciation of sparkling wines and am enjoying the education.  And just like other wine, bubbly does not require you to shoot your wad of pesos on one bottle of fun.  This article from provides a handful of sparkling samples from around the world for less than $20USD.

There are also a few wineries in our Valle de Guadalupe that have recently begun processing sparkling wines.  Will report on those soon.

My favorite wine shop in San Diego, San Diego Wine Company,  has steered me into some wonderful new grape juice flavors in the past year.  Next up for taste sensation is Graham Beck Sparkling Rose.  

Rather than waste those flavors by spraying them all over the party, will sip and savor every single drop, bubble and taste.  Yummm.

When it comes to bubbles, what’s yours?




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